Upcoming Event (9/20/18)

When: September 20, 7:30-9:00PM
Where: Wayside Cottage (1039 Post Road, Scarsdale, NY 10583)
Description of Event
The meetup will start with an introduction to Effective Altruism by EA Westchester co-founder Zach Berkson. Psychologist and EA Westchester co-founder Ray Lightstone will talk about the psychology of effective altruism and training in techniques to help you achieve your altruistic goals. We will then divide up into small groups to play "The Giving Game," which will give you insight into the questions that effective altruists are looking to answer. Time will be left for socialization and for everyone to discuss the philosophy of effective altruism and how we can benefit society.
What is "Effective Altruism"? It's about giving to others in a way that scientific evidence has shown to be optimally effective. Giving to people, whom you may have never met, in order to achieve the maximum impact. Giving to charities to get the most bang for your buck.

Studies show that giving makes you happier. Much happier. Whether you're giving to family members, neighbors, charitable organizations, your larger community, or a person you don't know in Sub-Saharan Africa, giving to others is not self-sacrifice. It's the best gift you can offer yourself.

But giving is hard. Our culture often doesn't encourage giving, particularly giving to people who live far away, live very different lives from ours, and are out of sight and out of mind. We all feel at least some emotional resistance to the thought of increasing our giving.

To help you overcome this resistance, you will learn scientifically-tested behavioral techniques at our meetings. These techniques will help you work toward any goals for giving you set for yourself and avoid negative associations, like "self-sacrifice", with altruism.

At our first meetup, you will begin to learn these "altruism-coping skills." We will play "The Giving Game" and share perspectives regarding what to consider when giving to achieve maximum impact, and how, specifically, we should give to accomplish this goal, individually and as a group.